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Top-Down Budget Assignment

In top-down budget assignments you can display the budget that is available to an element in the budget structure. You can then divide it among the lower-level elements of the budget structure.

You can define the amount of budget that is needed by indicating the budget you originally created (e.g. $110,000.00)


You create the HR Budget Structure elements within Funds Management, and transfer them into HR Funds and Position Management. Budgets for elements of your budget structure that you create is defined by Funds Management. Prior to assigning budgets to lower-level budget structure elements, you are able to display how much of your budget you are able to allocate without overstepping the budget overall.

When you assign budgets to the budget structure elements and allowing them to finance people and positions within your organization's structure. This is done in the procedures of of financing as well as the Allocation of Budgets .

The system reads budgets that have been assigned and then summarizes them in various stages of the hierarchy. It also shows how much money can be allocated to the budget structure component.

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