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Cause And Effect essays

What's a Cause-and-Effect essay?

The definition of a cause-and-effect essay is best understood by using these easy and well-known examples:

Example 1.

The reason: A genetically modified spider was bitten by Peter Parker when he and his friends visited Oscorp Technologies.

The result: Peter was able to develop extraordinary powers and was able to become the Spiderman to fight criminals in New York City.

Example 2.

Cause The rebel soldiers attacked the army at Krypton.

Effect In the case of Karl-el's parents, they took him to the earth to ensure his safety.

When you look at the examples of cause-and-effect essays in the above paragraphs, you will see that the concept of cause and effect suggests that an event caused something else to occur. "The "cause" refers to the thing that triggers something else to occur and"effect" is what happens due to the cause "effect" refers to what occurs as a result of the trigger.

Cause-and-effect essays are piece of writing that is written to establish a link between two events. The type of essay focuses on the reasons behind a specific event and the consequence. Cause is always prior to results -- evidently.

Cause and effect essays are essential to learn because they are often given to students at elementary colleges, schools, and universities. They are a major factor in your academic success.

Additionally, a cause-and-effect essay is a great method to organize and clear concepts. It's essential in everyday life. For instance analysts frequently use cause-and-effect to explain the causes behind the current state of a business and the possible outcomes that could be expected.

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How to write an Essay on Cause and Effect

Cause-and-effect essays are easy to write if you know what you're analyzing. It is impossible to identify the effects without knowing the cause. Therefore, investigation and rational thinking are essential to the cause-and-effect.

Here is how to write an essay on cause and effect step by the step:

Select a Topic for an Essay on Cause and Effect

Cause and effect essay topics aren't like any other essay type. The subject must be one that allows you to look at the causes and consequences.

A good example of a cause-and-effect essay subject is "What is the impact of bullying on children in schools?"

Brainstorm about the Topic

Brainstorming is the initial step of a cause-and-effect process when you've got a specific subject, but you'll need to choose a topic that is suitable first. Brainstorming can help you come up with ideas that are pertinent to the essay you're writing. The process of gathering your thoughts provides you of points to consider and ways to utilize these points in a fluid manner.

Find Relevant Causes and Effects

It is essential to make an inventory of the most important factors and their effects prior to going further. This will require you to look over the concepts you've gathered through brainstorming, and then come up with answers to the following questions:

  1. What was the motive for the catalyst incident? For the definition of the cause (s);
  2. What was the result of this incident to? For the definition of the effect (s).

Let's use bullying as an illustration.

Cause and Effects of Bullying Essay:

  • What are the reasons behind bullying? This is why children bully other children?

The desire to be noticed and be noticed at home, an unpopular role model, an aggressive personality, the need to take revenge, issues in school and many other.

  • What are the consequences of bullying for the child and other children?

Stress, anxiety and self-doubt, low self-esteem, self-destruct and substance abuse disorders, and depression.

Once you've identified these elements examine each one and arrange them in priority they are assigned to the particular event.

Create an Outline

The outline provides a structure to follow. It can be described as the structure of your cause-and-effect paper. It is organized and gives the structure for your essay.

The outline is composed of three main sections including introduction, body and the conclusion.

For instance, the outline of a cause-and-effect bullying essay could be like this:

  • Introduction The issue of bullying is a common issue among students at schools as well as colleges and universities. It's a problem that affects everyone that has lasting consequences on the society.
  • Body The Body: Causes and Effects
    • 1. Kids who aren't getting the attention of their parents become to bullies.
    • Effect 1: They begin to intimidate other children in the hope of being noticed.
    • Cause 2. Certain bullies are the result of constant bullying by others.
  • 2. The bullies are bullies to other kids until a new group of bullies are created which creates a vicious cycle.
  • Conclusion The Bullying virus is a disease that needs to be eradicated out of our lives.

Create a thesis statement

The thesis statement is the primary concept of the essay. Just a glance will help you understand what your essay examines. It is important to state whether you're writing about factors, causes, or both.


The prevalence of bullying among students all over the world. According to the National Center for Educational Stats states that one out of every five students are bullied. This article examines the reasons and consequences of this ailment that has engulfed the world of today.

Argumentable thesis implies that it is able to be debated. It should either present or refute an argument on the subject. To be able to be debated the thesis should have the possibility of being truthful. But, it cannot be accepted by everyone as being true. It should instead be something that people are able to disagree with. A thesis could be a combination of observation and an opinion.

observation and observation (the "why") is a thesis

Examining whether your thesis can create an effective counterthesis is a great way to assess how strong your thesis is.

Common thesis mistakes:

  • A thesis that is fragments.
  • The thesis is too broad.
  • A thesis is defined as an inquiry. (The thesis usually comes from the answer of the query.)
  • Additional information is included in the thesis.
  • The thesis begins by the phrases "I am convinced" or "In my opinion."

Find More Information

It's not required in all cases however it could help strengthen your essay. Gathering more pertinent information about the subject you'll write about will aid in forming solid arguments for the elements that comprise your paper.

For instance, if factors that lead to bullying and their effects are the subject of your essay, then you must find out more information about statistics on bullying, actual cases and the views of psychologists who are experts.

Write Your Essay

Once you've completed this step now is the time to begin your essay. Make your cause-and-effect essay easy and concise. Make use of simple, but appropriate language. Follow the format you were taught to follow and flow smoothly throughout your essay.


What is Cause as well as Effect the Structure of an Essay?

Cause-and-effect essays have two main structures that are the chain and block. The structure is primarily concerned with the primary body of an essay. The structure of the cause-and-effect essay is based on the instructions given. If there is no template to follow, the choice is yours.

The Block Structure

The block structure demands you to list all reasons for an event first, then the consequences.

A cause-and-effect essay on bullying written in block form will have a body that appears like:

1. Bullying is usually associated with issues at home.

2. Bullies are usually motivated in their desire for being recognized.

Transition Bullying is a global issue that impacts everyone in society.

The first effect of bullying is that it can result in a decline in mental wellbeing.

The second effect is that victims of bullying are naturally scared by their bullying peers.

The Chain Structure

The chain structure requires you to add the impact of a cause to it prior to another cause and its effects too. This is a single cause, one effect, before another cause and its impact.

For instance:

1. Some children are bullies because of a absence of parental care.

1. Effect 1: The kids are a nuisance to other kids in order to be noticed by other kids.

2. Bullies may be the result of bullying by a friend.

Second effect: Bullying may cause self-destructive behavior.

Outline , Format and Style for the Cause-and-Effect Essay

The outline of a cause-and-effect essay, as mentioned previously, can help to arrange ideas to ensure that you have a precise outline to follow when writing your essay.

There are three components to an essay on cause and effect The introduction, the main portion and the final part.

  • The introduction to your essay should be engaging and attractive. The impact of your introduction can go a long way to increasing the number of readers who read the next section of the essay. It provides a definition of the concept as well as an outline of the reasons and consequences of the concept.
  • The body is the most instructive component of your cause-and-effect. It has a lot of discussion (or not according to the instructions) about the idea it explains the cause and consequences, and establishes the relationship between them.
  • The final sentence is your closing shot. It is important to try to impress readers so that what they've read will be in their minds for a time. The final sentence should prompt readers to take action.

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Also, Take a Look at the Cause and Effect Topics for Essays

If you are choosing a subject for an essay on cause and effect it is essential to choose an instance where an event, fact or act triggers another , such as an event or reaction. In this way you can create an endless cause-and-effect essay topics list.

To choose the right topic the topic you choose must be pertinent, clear and precise, as well as significant and intriguing. Take a look at the causes and effects essay topics below to get an idea of what to choose:

  1. What are the effects of recurring Wildfires on the Australian Wildlife?
  2. The Effects on Water Contamination on Marine Life Cycle
  3. The impact of Junks on an individual's energy levels
  4. The impact of social Media on the Prevalence of eating disorders among teens.
  5. What can learning Mandarin Enhance Cognitive Function?
  6. The influence of movies on Teenage Behavior
  7. The consequences of cheating in Exams
  8. What is the impact of the first teacher on the student's future academic performance?
  9. If you'd prefer to write about fun cause-and-effect essay subjects, then here's the place to go...
  10. How to make your YouTube video viral? One YouTube Video
  11. What are the effects of having an animal Pet on your well-being?
  12. The effects of bicycling on Traffic Jams
  13. The causes and effects of the popularity of fast Food Restaurants
  14. Internet Influence on children
  15. The popularity of sports in the US
  16. The effects of professional sports on children
  17. The nervous system and alcohol
  18. Domestic violence
  19. Growing up with one parent
  20. The impact of bullying at school on children
  21. Putin policies against neighbors
  22. Human body effects of music
  23. Dating at young age
  24. What is it that causes women to be involved in relationships that are destructive?
  25. Earthquakes and the potential dangers they can pose
  26. Social media effect on young people
  27. Growing up in poverty
  28. What's causing the increase of non-drug treatments for pain?
  29. What is the reason for the increasing need for psychologists in sports?
  30. Do the microbiome causes changes to our psychological health, or depression?
  31. What causes college students to experience greater anxiety?
  32. What is the reason someone feels depressed?
  33. What are the effects on our mental wellbeing being in nature?
  34. Define the behavior patterns of society.
  35. Show that history is a series of cycles.
  36. What was the root of racism? What is the result today?
  37. What is the reason globalization is happening? What effect will it have?
  38. The reasons couples break up. What causes them?
  39. What are the effects of low-income on the use of drugs?
  40. What are the causes of homelessness?
  41. The effects on people who aren't wearing shoes?
  42. The effects of poor sanitation on the community?

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