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Criminal Justice Policy And Practice

Explain the politics of Texas’ justice system in application of criminal proceedings and the nature of corrections policy to illustrate meaning of the statement “lock em up” mentality; and

Create an argument supporting rehabilitation or incarceration as the best correctional policy approach to dealing with criminals in Texas.

Sample Answer

The story of Tod Willingham is one of the weirdest cases to comprehend in the modern society. Most of the situation looks like he was sentenced to death for not showing the socially acceptable behaviour in the event of his daughter’s deaths. The whole situation seems like he was the real life protagonist of Albert Camus’ The Stranger. The very situations in which he was prosecuted for the crimes and the different situations of how the people treated him for the crimes put him in a very precarious position in the case.

The crime that happened led to the death of the three daughters of the person who was being prosecuted. One of the major issues in this scenarios was the fact that they did not take time to investigate the crime properly stuck to proving a person guilty based on the behaviour. In most of the interviews it is seen that the people judged and formed an opinion about him based on his lack of remorse. One of the major issues that is seen in this investigation is the fact that it was done keeping in mind that he was to be implicated for the crime of the children.

The Texas judiciary was strictly biased against him. One of the major issue that is in the investigation was that they did not look into the other possibilities that might have led to the accident. One of the major flaws in the case that was introduced in this situation was the fact that he was implicated as a satanic cult member just based on his liking of metal music which is again a very wrong thing to do in such a crime that has claimed the child. there were again issues regarding the testimony of Johnny Webb who was one of the prime witnesses implicating him of the crime but his recantation was not taken into consideration which again seems to be a cover up of the crime.

If the interviews are to be believed, he had confessed to a number of people that he was guilty but not of murdering his children but of not trying to save them and being a coward. If a person has a nervous breakdown after the death of a near one understand and the behaviour of Tod was not according to the norms of the society which biased the investigators against the defendant. The very situation was very averse for a person like Tod who through the various interviews of friends seemed a rather simple person with simple understanding.

The Texas justice system should take of the capital punishment from its system because if that had been the case after the recantation of the witness the case could have been reinvestigated and the innocent life could have been saved. Another situations adversity that he faced was he was not the one who would be considered a generic population by the educated elite based on his choice of entertainment and his petty crime record.

The removal of the capital punishment is necessary except in the rare cases where the crimes are too gruesome. The issues that have been cause due to the quick decision making in this case and the lack of the area of appeal to the defendant has led to the death of a person who may have been innocent. It also implicates that there may be a second person who may have committed the crime but the police never got the chance to investigate as they were to stuck up on implicating Tod for the crime. The investigation posed him as a socio and psychopath but the people who knew him had a completely different opinion of him and his behaviour. This is a case which shows that the investigation of a crime is very important and more that the capital punishment should be abolished except in really rare cases.

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