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Human Rights Law

Read the case study “Employee Rights Case Study."  Then answer the following question:

Would firing Allen Lopez violate his civil rights? Explain why or why not using ethical reasoning and theory.

Sample Answer

In the United States, Civil rights recognize that every employee has basic rights and these rights include right to fair compensation, fair work hours and no discrimination. In the case of Allen and ExtremeNet, I believe that firing him would violate his civil rights. Allen has worked with ExtremeNet for 7 years and have been placed in a respectable position. Allen has acted in the best interest of the employees who work in the office in a position below him. Seeing that the low level employees were treated badly, he decided to create a website trying to make others realize the significance of employees’ civil rights. Just like individuals have the right to life and right to be free, humans also have an obligation and duty towards others, which are also accorded by law, tradition and morality. Understanding cultural differences within the framework of ethics can help in understanding how humans interact with each other. The Enron’s Code of Ethics states that everyone should be treated equally and respected and there shall be no place for arrogance (Adelstein & Clegg, 2016).

Allen has not violated any code of ethics and has not mentioned any allegiance to ExtremeNet and therefore cannot be accused of threatening the reputation of the company. Allen exercising his first amendment rights which allows him to express in furtherance of artistic freedom (Vaughn, 2015. Allen has acted in the furtherance of his duty to protect the rights of the employees. Allen should not be treated as he has upheld the morality and integrity and has acted in the best interest of the society.


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Vaughn, L. (2015). Doing ethics: Moral reasoning and contemporary issues. WW Norton & Company.

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