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Business Management

POSTER PRESENTATION: You will need to prepare and present your findings on an A1 size poster, which will be placed in the classroom. Students will then move from one poster to another and read the information provided as well as ask questions from the presenter. It is mandatory for each member of the team to present a separate section. It is expected that you attend your colleagues’ presentations and participate in their Q&A.

To receive a mark for this component of assessment, you will also need to upload an electronic version of your poster as an item of evidence against the “2.4 f) Demonstrates commitment to sustainable engineering practices and the achievement of sustainable outcomes in all facets of engineering project work.” Engineers Australia professional competency in the GradCap Workbook on your PebblePad ePortfolio and write a short statement justifying your claim against this competency. Report marking criteria

ASSIGNMENT LAYOUT & RESEARCH /5 • Report of an industry standard, being clear, concise and free from typographical and grammatical errors • Work typed on A4 size paper with 1.5 line spacing • Sections integrate well demonstrating good teamwork and coordination • Effective use of related research

CONTENT – KEY CRITERIA /15 An executive summary of no more than one page, setting the scene, highlighting the major findings from your report and offering recommendations. Indication of how/why your chosen option is innovative Clear indication of sustainability issues (social, economic and environmental) being addressed. Identify how the sustainability issues apply and provide assessment of their relevance to engineers.

Clear indication of any ethical issues which may relate and how they have been addressed Analyse/evaluate the relevant issues and express your own opinions and thoughts Challenges faced in producing the required information and how you overcame them including your recommendations and lessons learnt. Indicate the competencies you believe you may have demonstrated and to what extent (refer to Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competencies Document)

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