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Audit And Assurance

Discuss about the Audit Assurance and Compliance for Accountability Journal.

Sample Answer

Application Of Analytical Procedures To The Financial Report Information Of DIPL

The main information is seen to be based on the various types of eh compliance which is seen to be based on the financial report of DIPL. This has been further seen to be based on the development pertaining to the audit plan with the various types of the guidelines generated in the audit process. In particular this has been seen to be helpful for the assessor in the consideration of the various types of the consideration made in the audit cost as per the assists in the aversion in the aversion for misunderstanding of the clientele data. The various aspects of the analytical data has been further seen to be associated to the dissemination of the information based on the financial declarations of the company. The important aspect of the process has been further based on the specific approach of the financial declarations, financial analysts and accountants for taking vital business decisions (Mahmoud Hosseinniakani, Inácio and Mota 2014).

The analytical approach has been further considered as per the common sizing and analyse the reference point. The comparison of the financial statement has been considered as per the different types of the methods seen to be conducive for different period in different corporations. The ratio analysis of the company has been further seen to be considered as per the financial declarations of the audit (Adams and Evans 2004).

Explanation of the way the results influence planning decisions for the audit

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