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Nursing Assignment

Describes own cultural location, attitudes, values, and beliefs, and future health care practice with deep insight

Sample Answer

This reflective essay will reflect on the own views regarding the impact of colonization on health and well-being of Australian aboriginal, contribution of my own culture, beliefs and values in order to shape my future nursing practice while providing service to an aboriginal people and identify effective way to advocate for the health needs of the aboriginal population. According to NACCHO, health is not only defined as the physical well-being but also the social, cultural and emotional well-being of individual and the community in which they live and achieve their full potential as human being and contribute to maintain the overall well-being of their community (NACCHO 2018). It has been found that due to racism, social deprivation and social disadvantage most of the aboriginal people lack access to culturally safe health service (Hole et al. 2015). Hence it is important to understand the culture of the aboriginal people in order to shape the future nursing practice that will be easy to access and culturally safe as well (Miller, Irizarry and Bowden 2013).  In this reflection I will reflect on my personal views and how it could shape my future practice to provide adequate care and advocate for the health needs of the aboriginal people.

The history of colonization is sometimes nit considered to indicate the health status of a population such as aboriginals. However, as a health professional it is important for us to understand the history of the patient in-depth in order to identify the determinants that has contributed to the health issue of the patient. In this regards it is important to analyze the impact of colonization on the health and well-being of the aboriginal population (Douglas et al. 2014). During colonization, the Australian aboriginals have faced dramatic changes in the political, economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects (Griffiths et al. 2016). Before colonization the aboriginal people lived with their tribes according to their effective law, way of interaction in order to meet their needs. During colonization they have been removed from their land forcefully, their children have been taken away from them in order to teach them the culture and tradition of white people (Mohatt et al. 2014). They have been forced to settle down in new place. In this period the aboriginal population has been reduced by 90% due to infectious disease, loss of land and death due to direct fighting with the colonizers. Such changes impacted in an effective manner on the aboriginal life including health (Paradies 2016). The stress of loss of land, child, family and their traditional roles have impacted on their mental health to an extent. On the other hand the stress of settling in a new place and poor economic condition also affected their physical and mental health (Axelsson, Kukutai and Kippen 2016). In addition many people have faced difficulties in settling down in the new environment and suffer from various communicable disease which has affected their reproduction health as well. Further, they lack the adequate health service due to racism and social disadvantages. Such condition has led to the consequence of high suicide rate and mortality including the maternal and infant death due to high infectious disease (Sherwood 2013).

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