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Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Health And Well Being

There are three required component to the task. You should utilize the concept of cultural safety, self determination and collaboration to inform your discussion of the following

  1. How colonization has and continue to impact on the health well being of Aboriginal And Torres Strait IslanderAustralians
  2. How your own social and cultural location may influence your future health care practice with aboriginal Patient,  their families and aboriginal health workers.

Sample Answer

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander is in reference to all people whom have got the Aboriginal and/or the Torres Strait Islander descent. According to the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO), the term health is defined as the good and stable individual’s social, feelings and the cultural condition, which includes also the well-being of the entire community whereby every single person is at a position of achieving his/her daily duties. The well-being of all the people leads to good health condition of the entire indigenous Australian community. The Aboriginal people view health as the whole-life aspect. The healthcare facilities should at all times work towards achieving the health status in which each individual is capable of attaining the full potential as the living creatures, and it must ensure that the total well-being of the Aboriginal communities is met. The holistic angle of the health and the community well-being revolves around the entire society throughout the individual’s life-course. This understanding focuses on the wide scope of issues such as social justice, equality, human rights and also, the traditional knowledge, traditional healing, and the country connection (Taylor and Guerin, 2012). Hence, the indigenous Australians ideology of health revolves on the mental health and the physical, cultural and the spiritual well-being. In this paper, I will focus much attention on the concepts of the cultural safety, self-determination, and collaboration with regard on how the Australian Government commits itself on improving her indigenous members’ health good condition and stability. The government is ever committed on raising the health standards of the indigenous occupants of the Australia’s mainland or those on the Tasmania’s island by reducing the niche on the health outcomes on the broader scope of the Australians.

Health And Wellbeing

The Australian government has prioritized on the improvement of health conditions of the indigenous Australians in order to minimize the health inequality amongst them. All this would include the results for the physical, the mental health, disabilities and the palliative care for the children and the old. By offering the indigenous young population with a good healthy foundation to human life creates the basis for them to achieve success in school and their future opportunities in employment (Smith, Fatima and Knight, 2017). Further, assisting the indigenous elderly citizens to access better health services enabling them to remain healthy and happier leads to the better working of the communities.

Impact Of Colonization On The Health And Wellbeing Of The Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Australian

The population of the Australians before the European colonization varied but it was estimated to have been approximately

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