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Transition To Professional Practice For Negative Personality Trait

1.  Develop a learning plan for your future through the use of selfassessment and a personal reflection tool (SWOT analysis) to identify where you need to target your future learning efforts and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning

2. A statement describing your philosophy of nursing practice/values statement developed over the course of your undergraduate degree that will be integral to your Curriculum Vitae.
3. Identify and describe 3 strategies that will support your professional career development and resilience

Sample Answer

SWOT Analysis



· Patience, disciplined and honest

· Dedicated to nursing

· Hold positive attitude towards life

· Respectful of others values and  dignity

· Too critical of myself and low self esteem

· Forgetting about myself and trying to please everyone

· Moderate communication skills



· Variety of nursing roles

· Complete graduation and enrol for higher studies

· Engage in research work

· Serve remote areas and communities

· Lack of self confidence and esteem

· Lack of experience in dealing with diverse public

· Tough competition among nurses

· Hectic workplace

Reflective Analysis

SWOT analysis has assisted me indentifying my weaknesses that can affect my careers in nursing. Based on SWOT I have identified my personal learning needs. The areas need to be developed are-

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