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Professional Career Development Plan For Nursing Practice

This assessment task requires you to develop evidence that will form part of your professional portfolio.
1. Develop a learning plan for your future through the use of self-assessment and a personal reflection tool (SWOT analysis) to identify where you need to target your future learning efforts and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning

2. A statement describing your philosophy of nursing practice/values statement developed over the course of your undergraduate degree that will be integral to your Curriculum Vitae.

3. Identify and describe 3 strategies that will support your professional career development and resilience

Sample Answer

My Philosophy Of Nursing Practice

Nursing goal is to provide the safe as well as caring environment so that well-being and health can be promoted to the patients. Philosophy of a nurse depends on promoting healing, health and hope, so that care can be spread to the people when they will need (Ratanasiripong et al. 2015). A nurse should have the strong interpersonal skill for enhancing the positive environment in the hospital. Integrity is being considered as the core value a nurse should have (Ortiz 2016). As per my understanding, dignify as well as morality are the essential behavioural characteristics which make a person an ideal nurse. I believe, ethnicities, ideas and values are essential for providing healthy environment to the patients. As per my understanding, in order to make smile of others face, inspiring others is very important characteristic I should adopt. I aim to empower my values so that I can establish myself as a good nurse.

SWOT Analysis



· I am highly passionate about the nursing profession.

· Depending on my adaptability skill, I can easily blend myself in different satiation, which can help me to perform my job in a proper manner.

· I love to take challenges, this positive attitude of mine towards accepting challenges, helps me to achieve my goals.

· I believe in transformational leadership practices.

· I am dedicated to my job and prefer perfection.  

· I feel fear while interacting with strangers, which has increased my ‘speech anxiety’.

· Due to the lack of critical thinking ability of mine, sometimes it becomes harder for me to understand my job.




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