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Transition To Professional Practice

1. Clearly identifies the relationship between theory and practice and how current knowledge and experience will inform future practice.
2. Identifies the governance frameworks that influence nursing practice and integrates regulatory frameworks into discussion.
3.Communicates clearly and succinctly using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Sample Answer


Personal skills are some of the aspects that we use daily in our lives when communicating with different people that range from individuals to groups. I personally recognized that the interpersonal aspects consist of various skills, which includes mode of listening, posing questions as well as understanding the body language (Silverman, Kurtz & Draper, 2016.p 41). To my esteem research, I found out that listening skills are characterised by some emotional intelligence or ability to comprehend the message of my own as well as of my colleagues. Under shared governance, the ability to have good interpersonal skills is a vital tool especially in a working team or group as well as the cooperation within or outside the working place. Similarly, I understood that to have excellent communication makes me feel bold to express myself with family or friends, working teammate, patients or even my colleagues in general. In addition, since personal skill is a key aspect of personal interaction, it becomes my habitual way of practising sensationally in order to be perfect throughout my entire career. Interpersonal skills mostly is a natural thing if taken as a way of learning. Moreover, it is also easy to improve some bad behaviour thus ignore to comprehend the reasons why one may not able to understand why they have a sour relationship with their colleagues.

More importantly, with the little time as well as the effort I developed to both my awareness and interpersonal skills, I gathered a lesson that interpersonal skills can boost many aspects in life. That's professionals and social, which leads to a better understanding of the relationships. It is also significant at a time when referring several skills that are, political skills, lenient skills or life skills. I learned that several people use communication skills as personal skills. Contrary to that, personal skills cover more key aspects that involve decision-making, problem-unravelling besides making it in a group as well as emotional intelligence. As my assumption, the best personal skills are mostly seen as the fundamental beginning of the working as well as developing many other areas of skills. Moreover, without a proper way of interpersonal skills sometimes make it more difficult for one to develop certain traits in life. This therefore worth spending time improving and developing.


Just unlike specialized and technical skills, interpersonal skills are quite being used every day in daily life. Thus creating personal skills is best carried out in steps with a start from the most basic but vital in life (Silverman et al., 2016.p 41).

  1. Clinical Governance

A). Contribute to a safe and healthy working environment.

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