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Professional Development For Responsible And Compassionate

Develop a learning plan for your future through the use of self-assessment and a personal reflection tool (SWOT analysis) to identify where you need to target your future learning efforts and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning

Sample Answer


Nursing can be considered as one of the greatest and most noble professions, where the job responsibility of the nurses are to provide support and assistance to the sick and ailing. However, the health needs are changing fast and that is the reason why the health care providers have o modify and improve their professional capabilities to handle the growing needs of the hanging patient population that is the reason why the importance of a professional development is extreme in this case (Schweitzer and Krassa 2010). This assignment will focus on a professional development plan and emphasis on career goals based on a SWOT analysis that will be immensely helpful in my transition to registered nursing practice.

SWOT Analysis:  


What are your strengths?

Communicative, friendly, responsible, compassionate, empathetic, reliable. The most important strength for me is the fact that I am very responsible and very attentive towards my work.

What do you do better than others?

The best quality that I have is developing a therapeutic connection with the patients.

What might others perceive as your strengths?

Due to my communicative and easy going the patient, people find it very comfortable to talk to me. Hence, it can be perceived as an enviable strength as I will be able to develop a mutually respectful relation with the patients easily.


What are your weaknesses?

The most important weakness that I have in context of my professional practice is the lack of time management and nervousness during handling emergencies like practice in emergency department.

What do others do better than you?

The other nursing practitioner are able to handle emergency situation with more assertive and integrated practice much better than ii can do. What might others think are your weak areas?

My lack of time management and lack of  assertive personality.


What could you do to improve an area if you had the resources?

One of the greatest improvements that i can make in my professional practice is handling emergency situations and multidisciplinary team work.


What negatively impacts on you?

Extreme work load and emergency care providing is the most stressful work experiences for me.

What internal and external factors are you concerned about?

My lack of effective time management and my inability to handle and emergency stressful situation with assertive control can be an extreme obstacle in the path of my career development.

Self-Reflection And Analysis: 

It has to be understood that as a nursing professional myself, having a comfortable, easy going, and compassionate nature is extremely important. The patents spend the most of their time being supported and cared for by the nursing professionals. According to the registered nurse practice standards, a very important aspect of patient centred care is maintaining a mutually respectful and therapeutic connection with the patient, where the patient will feel comfortable enough to share his or her preferences and grievances with the nursing professional (Nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au. 2018). Hence, these qualities that I have identified in the SWOT analysis will help me to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship with and provide a holistic and compassionate care. However, having qualities like time management, assertive communication and integrated collaborative practice is another few set of attributes, which are crucial for my career growth to be optimal. Without these qualities, I will never be able to get over my fear of emergency situation (Ross, Barr and Stevens 2013). There is need for a plan of action that will help me to overcome these fears and shortcomings.  


Learning Plan: 

Learning goal




Overcome my time management skills

I will attempt to develop my time management skills during my placement practice and maintain a self reflection journal to keep track of my progress.

It is a short term goal. I will try to achieve this goal within next six to eight months

It will help me to be more efficient and fast in my professional responsibilities and will enhance my reliability and competence (Moon 2013).

Overcome my fear of emergency situation and decreased performance under extreme work pressure

I would undertake professional courses and CPD (continuous professional development) programs.

It is a long term goal and this might take a year or two to get completed

These courses will help me develop the qualities required to handle a stressful emergency situation and i will learn the soft skills required to apply clinical reasoning and assertive collaborative practice from the professionals (Jasper 2011)

Develop my integrated collaborative practice abilities.

I will attempt to undertake professional advice from my seniors and take help from group sessions to improve my collaborative practice

It is a long-term goal, which will take about a year for me to complete.

This group and one to one sessions will help me understand how to improve my collaborative practice skills based on practical scenarios (Bolton 2010).

Philosophy And Conclusion: 

According to my understanding of nursing responsibilities, my philosophies are to establish my practice on the basis of providing holistic and competent patient centred care, even in emergency situations, I want to be able to provide optimal care and support to the patients and their family. The primary driving factor behind my choice of this career was to provide support and care to the sick and ailing at all circumstances. I hope that following the professional development plan that I have put together, I will be able to provide effective and safe person centred care as a registered nurse at all possible circumstances.



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