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Civil Rights

You are required to do a film criticism of your choice.

Sample Answer

The word “Disability” and “retarded” has been always perceived as a subject of burden throughout the history of humanity. However, from the early 21st century the perception of society towards the disabled people has been changed to some extent (Harpur, 2012). In this paper a documentary film has been named “Able Lives - History of Disability Rights / Language” has been selected to critically analyze for make more exploratory discussion in this topic.

About The Film
“Able Lives - History of Disability Rights / Language” is a documentary on the evaluation of social perception and environment in terms of giving the rights of living a happy and normal life to the disabled population. This documentary is a part of bigger project name “Able Lives”, a media based campaign on existing dilemmas in the process of providing equal space and rights to the disable people worldwide (Able Lives, 2013). The film featured many real facts and evidence including the peoples who have been victimized by social stigma. The film basically projects the history of social perception on disability and the changes in facilitating the disabled people in the lights of the past experiences of 4 persons. All of these 4 persons are currently the actively working for the disable peoples in order provide proper facilities to help them living a normal life.

Critical Analysis
Throughout the film, several essential components of the society have been projected including the experience of disable persons in terms of institutionalization, verbal abuse, impacts on dignity and others. However, the film presented those facts only from the perspectives of the victims without presenting the changes in legal policies and procedures from last decades. There are still many issues in government policies that does not have proper framework to be implemented (Shakespeare, 2013). Disable people are still surviving in the environment of bulling, discrimination and deprivation. As a result, people are still suffering from this social paralysis. In order to change this situation, people should be more aware of these facts and should fight for the rights of disable persons.

From the above discussion it can e concluded that the film presents several downside of of the society considering the rights for disable persons. At the same time, changes in legal policies and procedures are also essential, which has not been reflected through the content of the film.

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Harpur, P. (2012). Embracing the new disability rights paradigm: the importance of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Disability & Society, 27(1), 1-14.

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