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International Human Rights Law

Write a report on Women Abuse in India and USA.

Sample Answer

Women abuse is considered as a major issue in international terms as it is one of those issues that is faced by women worldwide. An abuse can take many forms such as emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse etc. In the current environment, women are fighting to work shoulder to shoulder with men that are stressing them. This is ultimately resulting in women abuse in society. The below-mentioned essay highlights the information, rules and laws against women abuse in the country USA and India.

Initially talking about the country India, the fact should be noted that around 650 million girls and women face domestic or any other type of violence in the society that is being unnoticed by the people. In India, there is case incidence where girls below the age of 8 are being raped by elderly men. This is acting as a serious cause for the people of the country as girls are becoming more vulnerable day by day. In fact, some cities are regarded as rape prone cities like Delhi is given the name as the Rape capital of the country (Kalokhe, Ameeta, et al., 498-513). Apart from this, women in the country face domestic violence as well. Girls are being married at a tender age and in-laws torture them for dowry and things. Basically, it can be said that in the country India, women are being dominated by male gender who suppresses them to raise their voice in the society, resulting to which they face abuse at their home or office. According to a news source, every third woman in India suffers from sexual or physical violence at their home (Devasthali, et al. S505-S506). Most common type of abuse in India is domestic abuse where women are emotionally as well as physically tortured by their spouse.

Out of 35 % of married women that are being abused, only 14% of them get the courage to seek help from other people and talk about the issues. Women abuse has a high ratio in countries where women are considered as the weaker section of the society if compared to male. Similarly, in the case of India, women are fighting to get equal rights and recognition in society (Jangam, Kavita, et. al., 67-75). Married women in the country are more likely to face abuse by their husbands. Even after struggling so hard, the society has not formed any clause related to marital rape. Marital rape is something that people of India consider normal; they believe that it is the duty of a woman to satisfy their spouse (Jaising, Indira 51-56). Further, it should also be noted that this counting is only of the women that speak up about their issues and come forward in the society, but there are many other illiterate women that do not talk about abuse due to which their response is not recorded.

Apart from married women, unmarried women also face abuse like sexual assault and rape in society. 16% of the women that are unmarried face physical violence or mental torture from the age of 15 or below by their parents, siblings, boss or teachers. Women living in rural areas face abuse to a higher extent than women living in urban areas (Espeleta, Hannah Sarah Palasciano-Barton, and Terri Messman-Moore 399-407). Talking about one such case in India where a woman was being abused and raped while going home with a friend. ‘Nirbhaya Case’ is the name of the case where a girl travelling is a bus with a friend was beaten up, assaulted and then raped and left to die on road. Apart from this, women in India are burnt alive, tortured emotionally and physically for dowry. India comes under those 36 countries where marital rape case is applicable only if the abuse is under the age of 15. Education can be considered as a resolution for women abuse in India. Educating the women to look for their rights and use them will help to make a change in the society (Heise, Lori 171-196).

Further, analysing the women abuse aspect present in India with that of women in the USA, it should be noted that the USA is comparatively more developed country than India but it has other bigger problems in case of women abuse. Domestic violence in the US is the violence where the women are abused by the relative person only. At an average of nearly 20 women per minute are abused by their intimate partner in the United States. This ratio equalizes women that on every 10 million women, one man is abused. Every three in one woman are being victimized by their spouse once in their lifetime (Straus, Murray Richard Gelles, and Suzanne Steinmetz).

Along with this, one in every five women is raped in the country US. This number is so huge that it captures almost half of the women to face rape once in their lifetime. It is should be noted that one in every fifteen girls face violence by their family members during the course of their childhood. Domestic violence is prevalent in every community and it lays great impact on people regardless of their nationality, religion or economic status. Further, it should be noted that women face abuse in their jobs as well. The bosses and male employees of the company many times harass women at work. Also, they are being asked to maintain sexual relationships with their boss in order to get a promotion. 66.2% of female are stalked by their intimate partner or known people in the US. Despite the fights led by social groups in the US, women are being murdered abused by people in the society (Feltner, Cynthia, et al. 1688-1701).

This is a serious issue that is depleting the economic growth of the country and reducing the equality margin of the country. Young women with low-income level are the major victims of domestic violence and rape in the country. Women coming under the age group of 25 suffers the highest rate of rape and non-fatal violence as well. Apart from physical abuse, women are being mentally tortured as well. Women are being forced to have sex after marriage in the US. If women deny doing so, then they are mentally as well as physically torturing them. Women are also murdered if they do not agree on the terms of their intimate partners in society. Thus, it can be said that in the US also, women are facing problems like in India. Also, this problem is occurring worldwide that is increasing barriers in attaining equality in the society.

Women abuse is mostly faced by unsecured and weak women, men also perform such actions on women who they believe will not talk about it in the society (Gerber, Megan R., et al 1-2). It is important for women to understand the need of the era and talk about the issues that they are facing in society. Also, it is important for men to understand that women are no less than them and they such stop treating them badly. People worldwide should follow strict rules and norms so that people should think twice before condemning any wrongful act in society. Lastly, it should be noted that educating the women about their rights and power would help them to fight back powerfully (Robertson, Hillary Nitasha Chaudhary Nagaraj, and Amita Vyas, 921-927).

Thus, in the limelight of above-mentioned events, the fact should be noted that the essay evaluated the facts about women abuse in the countries India and US. The graph of women abuse is very high in both the countries that should be monitored and controlled as well.

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