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Welfare Systems And Services In Australia

Demonstrate broad knowledge of a range of community services theories and frameworks.

Develop an appreciation for the legal framework in which organisations and communities operate.

Demonstrate in-depth knowledge within specialist counselling areas including, alcohol and other drugs, youth, family and mental health.

Develop and apply an understanding of human diversity, including culture, gender, age, ability, class, religion and sexuality.

Sample Answer

The paper include the words ‘aged’ and ‘elderly’ to refer to people over 65 years old. However, support are given to people who might be younger, like different kind of concessions are offered to people who might be even 55 years old are provided by the three tier of the government and numerous non-government sectors as well. According to the Human Rights Organization of Australia, aged Australian contribute around $39 billion each year for unpaid caring ("Face the facts: Older Australians | Australian Human Rights Commission", 2018). The main responsibility is on the Commonwealth to extend its assistance and support for the aged.  The paper strives to discuss the various aspects of the welfare law pertaining to the aged and lay down an analysis of the same in Australia.

Analysis Of Literature
Social Welfare Pertaining To Old Age
Social welfare or the social security refers to a system where the Commonwealth Government of Australia provides payments to the ones who are eligible to receive the support. These supports are provided by analyzing the individual or family as to whether they can do without such governmental support. Aged care comes under a major category under the social welfare system of Australia. Considering the contribution of the aged in Australia, the older citizens should be known for their skills of community building. However, it is evident that aged people are often put under social exclusion for their negative attitude. They are labelled as “frail, slow and too old” as they do miss their targets or work deadline. The Age Discrimination Act of 2004 came out to protect such aged people from being ill-treated for their old aged. The advent of such laws make a way for checking the negative views of people on old age and its disadvantages ("'Caring for the Elderly' - an Overview of Aged Care Support and Services in Australia – Parliament of Australia", 2018).

An Overview Of Aged Care Services In Australia
Numerous government (all three levels: Commonwealth, State and local) and non-government (voluntary, NGOs and community services) programs provide care and services for the aged Australians. Most support is given to the group of the older population who are in acute need of the support. Although the age of the people is the major criteria for deciding the grant however, people who are even below the age of 55 has been granted helpful hands and support. Recently, the policies related to ‘healthy ageing’ paired with ‘ageing in place’ is being taken into consideration which means the aged are supposed to stay away from the health facilities as much as possible for their overall fitness, mentally and physically ("New laws that will affect Australia", 2018). It saves the government from shelling out excess cost on the aged and conforms to the wish of maximum number of old people ("'Caring for the Elderly' - an Overview of Aged Care Support and Services in Australia – Parliament of Australia", 2018).

Government Support

The commonwealth government gives the following support to the aged people, through communities or programs:

Old age pension
Assistance for rent and payment for certain disabilities
Residential services
Medical benefits
Housing facilities
Community care support
Acute care for the extremely old and disables.
Rehabilitation services
Legal aid services
Counselling services in terms of finances and otherwise.
It is evident from the data collected from the Parliamentary documents that a major portion of the commonwealth funding is given to the aged community, most above the age of 65, suffering from extreme old age or disability ("'Caring for the Elderly' - an Overview of Aged Care Support and Services in Australia – Parliament of Australia", 2018).


The Australian states and territories provides a wide range of welfare supports and services to the old citizens. The states and territories, along with the joint funding of the commonwealth, run various old age community services. Some of the services are as follows:

Carer assistance
Transport assistance
Providing individual community carer/caregiver
Information services
Respite care
Give discount cards, which provides concessions on a wide range of goods and services.
House help
Support system for Dementia related issues
The Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care run by the State provides an extensive range of support and services to the aged ("'Caring for the Elderly' - an Overview of Aged Care Support and Services in Australia – Parliament of Australia", 2018).


The local government also provides some kind of supports and services to the olds, which are backed up by the Commonwealth and the State. Such as:

Relief facilities for old petitioners
Matters relating to land management if the aged
Accommodation benefits
Provisions for home help
Operating clubs especially for the senior citizens
The local government strives to lend its helping hand mostly to co-ordinate old people and make sure that they receive the support and services that they deserve ("'Caring for the Elderly' - an Overview of Aged Care Support and Services in Australia – Parliament of Australia", 2018).

Non-Government Support
The non-government sector that includes NGOs, community homes, private health facilities, support organizations, residential aged care facilities, and others provide a wide range of support and services to the aged. Various charitable institutions contribute to the cause as well. The non-governmental sectors contribute approximately 20% of the cost of the welfare services offered to the aged ("Australia's welfare 2001, Table of contents - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare", 2018).  The private profitable sector also involves itself to provide support to the old, especially for offering health related services and residential care.

Importance Of Carer
The carer is the person who has the responsibility to take utmost care of the aged. It mainly comprises friends and family members of the aged. A carer makes sure that the aged receives all the support and benefits that he is in acute need. It is unfortunate that many a times the carer receive negligible or no funding and support from the governmental or non-governmental agencies. However, some bodies like the ‘Carer Australia’ that represents and advocates on behalf of the unpaid carers and tries to influence the government to make policies for them ("About Us ? Carers Australia", 2018).

Conclusions Derived From Analysis And Assessment Of The Topic:
The aged are given a crucial place at the welfare service sector of Australia. The government at various levels and the non-governmental agencies take active part in providing support, care and services to the aged. The carers are no less when it comes to caring for their near relatives, family members and friends who are suffering from old age issues, like dementia, arthritis ("New laws that will affect Australia", 2018). However, improved policies needs to be framed and implemented for better handing of the cause.

The Relevant Welfare Law For The Aged:
Some of the important legislations that are imperative for supporting the aged are:

Home and Community Care Act 1985
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act 1987
Aged Care Act 1997
Aged Care Principles
These statutes have been supporting and protecting the aged for so long. They have been ensuring that the aged people receive the best support and services that can be afforded by the government.

Therefore, to conclude, it can be stated that the Australian senior citizens are well guarded with protected legislations that strives to provide for utmost support and care to them. The Commonwealth, state and local government has been doing a commendable job in implementing the facilities in real that are promised on the policies. However, the few lacunas relating to the neglecting carers must be mended for it affects the aged in some way.

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