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Building Success In Commerce


The assignment The assignment asks students to participate in self-reflection that is disciplined in accordance with the rules and framework of the experiential learning. For a personal review students must answer these questions

1. As you near the conclusion of your education What is your overall perception of the main lessons (academic as well as personal) that you'll be taking from the experiences you have had within your specialisation and core units?

2. What extent do your ideas about efficient team working and cross-cultural team working alter or develop in response to your experience working in a team with your assignment 2?

3. What were the benefits or disadvantages working Assignment 2 in a group rather than in working in an individual capacity?

4. What role did you play within the group for Assignment 2 And how efficient were you in sharing your ideas with the group?

5. What was successful and what could be better if you had reflected on it in relation To Assignment 2? 6. What can you learn from this Unit regarding work preparedness and future employability?

Sample Answer


The process of creating a business that is successful involves a multidimensional assessment of various factors that are connected to the external and internal context of commerce. The subjects covered in the course are vital to changing the way businesses view the most important aspects of commerce like ethics technology and leadership, culture, entrepreneurship and culture, as well as globalization (Nzelibe 1996; Barza, 2013). The ideas and information gathered are essential to solve the current exposure and analysis scenario from a student's point of view and also in preparing every student for professional standards and responsibilities once the completion of the course. This paper is a private review of the present unit, as well as the other specialization and core courses included in the degree.

Learnings: Academic and Personal

The process of earning the degree was characterized by a variety of knowledge acquisition as well as evaluation of real-world situations through coursework. The primary focus of the course has been the need to improve the knowledge and skills required to sustain the business sector that is based on both the external and internal structure of every organization. The changing dynamics of the business sector demand a multidimensional approach to thinking that can help ensure growth and the generation of revenue from the segmented market by local as well as internationally-based studies (Punnett and Shenkar 2004; Parnell, 2010). However, in order to reach these goals, it's essential that the company consider the advantages of teamwork, adopting the concept of cross-cultural the management of diversity and establishing an extremely high degree in compliance that ensures the company operates within an ethical standards. Even though these elements are outlined in the degrees specialization courses include them in the process of planning an idea for business, shifts in global scope are inevitable. Therefore, a an approach to strategic issues is a common method to measure the sustainability, continuity and competitiveness of businesses (Rodrik 1997, Purkayastha as well as Sharma 2016).

So, the general overview of the main units along with the specialization program, showed the importance of strategic planning and implementations as essential elements in the business sector. But, the core elements require the full support of skills and knowledge that are in line with leadership and team management, which are the pillars of management of human resources. Integrated analysis of markets and the development of entrepreneurs are also part of the concepts that have been consolidated, and is an important element of the development of professionals (Swanson and Holton and Teece, 2009 2007). Other concepts and frameworks are being developed


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