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International Human Rights Law

Write a short report on the Uganda Human Rights Commission mandates, achievements and challenges.

Sample Answer

The Uganda Human Rights Commission Mandates, Achievements And Challenges
The mandates of the Uganda Human Rights Commission UHRC include to receive and investigate cases of human rights violations, to create and maintain the awareness of the constitution of the country and to give annual progress and status of the human rights in the country. The commission has achieved its mandate for example in the expansion of services to cover most parts of the country by creating district desks and committees which help to protect the people from the various causes of violations (Uganda Human Rights Commission 2015).

The Human Rights In Arabian Countries
    Many Arab countries find it difficult to implement human rights policies because they have a varied understanding of human rights. Moreover, this makes it difficult for Islamic countries to appreciate human rights, since, in itself, human rights are perceived to have different political impacts. For this reason, it becomes even more difficult to foresee the possibility of formulating and implementing human rights in the Islamic nations. Most communities, especially which practice jihadism tend to have confrontations with the military more often, which is a great challenge in implementing human rights policies (An-Na'im 2017).

    Female genital mutilation is considered as a human rights violation, but it is a tradition that some women in their communities are compelled to pass through. It is the women who want to undergo through such practices. However, if the international bodies on human rights believe that it is a violation of such rights, the practice has to be addressed by empowering the women, finding alternatives means and letting the women opt out of it by their free choice (Chou, et al. 2017).

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Uganda Human Rights Commission. 2015. "Uganda Human Rights Commission Annual Report 2014."


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