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Evidence Based Practice

At the end of this class, students are expected to be able:

1. Prove Critical Understanding of Research and the application to practice;

2. Utilize a range of Evidence based Knowledge to Inform understanding and practice;

3. Examine the Relationship between nature and the concept of Evidence and Guidelines, Policies and Protocols

4. Discuss and communicate the importance of the Ethical Dimension of Research Methodologies.

Sample Answer

Critical Reflection On The Goal and Design, Methodology, and Results Of The Research Resulted Assessment-I

Tobacco addiction and smoking is one of the most fundamental general health problems, especially for countries with a high level of development, such as the UK. It has been proven that, of all risk groups, smoking cigarettes is the fourth major reason behind the development of infections as well as numerous ailments, such as breathing, asthma and issues with lungs etc. Smoking tobacco is the most prevalent as when compared with other commodities with a high level of addiction. So, it is not surprising that smoking is also recognized as the most significant but avoidable causes of death and fatal disease in a significant part of the population within the UK.

To fully comprehend the huge anxiety and burden caused by smoking in the socioeconomic as well as overall overall health and well being of the country it is essential to explain certain of the statistical and quantifiable information available on the internet in this specific direction.

According to the report on statistical compendium, around 1.8 million prescribed prescriptions as well as prescriptions have been given across the UK which are designed to aid smokers in quitting. The effectiveness of these prescriptions isn't known for certain however, based on studies, it's usual to find that approximately two thirds of sampling of smokers across different segments from the general population claimed that they were unable to stop smoking with a single intervention. The efficacy of various treatments and methods that aim to help people quit smoking cigarettes is scrutinized each and every so often (Jacobsen in 2016). According to an estimate, the Net Ingredient cost of these items that are pharmacological or not is an average annual amount in the range of 48.8 millions pounds (for the year 2014). Although, the Net Ingredient Cost for the previous years has been more expensive, there is a question as to what the rationale behind spending this large amount of the health budget on something that can be easily avoided.

Numerous studies done within this particular field of the different degrees of prevalent among different groups of any particular population have been used as research behind the method which was used in this instance.

According to Murray his research, the addictive nature of smoking cigarettes has been discussed and examined. In his writings, Murray clearly outlined the different reasons that make smoking cigarettes and the entire practice of smoking so addicting to people. The most common aspect that was discovered in the course of reading through the different books and throughout the entire research was

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