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Human Rights And Advocacy

Write an essay and analyse evidence for and against different approaches in Australia and to a lesser extent Internationally to the implementation of human rights, focusing on whether or not a human rights bill / act / charter is desirable.

Sample Answer

Individuals often believe that the human rights in Australia are strictly implemented in practical life. However, this is totally a wrong concept. The Constitution of Australia provides very limited protection for Human Rights. The Australian Government has breached a number of human rights (Freeman, 2017). In the recent years, there has been a breach in the rights of the natives of the Australia and there has been breaches regarding the arbitrary detainment of the immigrants. In the year 2013-14 the government tried to improve the Discrimination Act 1991. Further, the analysis of effectiveness of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 was handed to the department of judiciary. The government also made amendments in the Human Rights Act 2004 by incorporating the right to education. There was a change as well in the Anti-Discriminatory Act 1998 in 2012.The South Australian Government has reviewed the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 in 2012 to preserve the aboriginal heritage sites ("Human Rights Australia", 2018).The Australian Government has pledged in front of the United Nations to improve the condition of human rights.

There are numerous options for improving the human rights in Australia. The amendments that are made are not satisfactory in context to Australia. Equity before law, freedom of expression, freedom from cruelty and torture and the right to vote are the major instruments of the human rights (Forsythe, 2017). The government should also try introducing the federal equity act. There should be also effective steps taken if the rights of a person is breached. Introduction of the federal Human Rights Act is also a matter of great concern.Emphasis should be put on improving the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 and the Anti-Discriminatory Act 1998. The arbitrary detainment of the immigrants should be stopped by the government.The parliamentary committee should review whether the human right acts are implemented in a proper manner. Lastly, the most important legislative option is to construct a National Action Plan based on the human rights (Donnelly, 2013).

Freedom from cruelty and torture is a very necessary with context to the women, children and older person in the society. Most of the places women are subjected to torture and cruelty. Equity before law, freedom of expression all these options are important as for the proper functioning of the society and maintaining the balance in the society. However these also have disadvantages associated with it. There might be false claims by many women regarding cruelty and torture (Smith, 2016). The federal laws are important because it promotes confidence among the citizens of the country. However if the government is biased towards a single race then the government may overlook violations of the human rights.The natives of Australia are an integral part of the country. Due respect should be given to the sentiments and thoughts of the natives. Again the natives may not face such problems but still claim to get sympathy from the government. Immigrants should not be detained as there may be children associated with it. However if there is no such detainments then the immigrants may take advantage and involve in some terrorist activities.A National Action Plan helps to address various problems related to the human rights. However, the plan may be that much efficient in nature and add no help to the situation.

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